Firestopping is a critical element of the construction process that protects a structure, its contents, occupants and firefighters.

Fortunately a wide variety of firestopping technologies have been developed for use in specific applications, each designed to preserve the fire rating of a wall, floor or other structural element penetrated by mechanical, plumbing or other systems. At Thru-Wall, our mission is to select and install these products, including caulk, putty, mortar, collars and other appliances, so as to ensure maximum performance.

As International Building Code requirements and other applicable regulations become increasingly stringent, our commitment to thorough training of our technicians is a top priority. Thru-Wall is a FCIA member and our team is trained in FCIA practices. In addition, we receive comprehensive training from suppliers to assure products perform to specification. Our certification process for UL Qualification and FM 4991 Approval is underway.