Fire Barrier Overview

Safeguard Your Business Against Fire Hazards

Fire and smoke barriers are designed to create effective compartmentation that protect building occupants and allow for evacuation to fire or smoke resistant areas. Having an effective fire and smoke barrier management system is critical to maximize property protection and minimize injury.

Your Fire Defense Team

Thru-Wall will help your organization meet fire barrier compliance standards and life safety codes. Our highly qualified and certified fire safety professionals bring more than 20 years of experience in all facets of commercial construction to help ensure the overall safety of building occupants. Our expertise is complemented by a full-service construction team with experience in demolition, framing, ceiling, drywall, doors and hardware installation.

Our Fire Barrier Management system uses advanced, cloud-based software to help you take control of your entire firestop management process, improving bottom-line performance and helping ensure your facility meets all building and life safety codes and requirements.