Thru-Wall Guaranteed SIPS System



Our commitment to providing the most complete modular envelope solution for the UK market is further evidenced with the introduction of Thru-Glaze.

Thru-Glaze offers an innovative design, supply and fix solution to traditional contracting, speeding up the construction process and providing the reassurance of a single-source of delivery for the complete envelope package.

Providing a comprehensive choice of proprietary aluminium and hybrid glazing systems to meet the increasingly demanding specifications in Today's market, Thru-Glaze when combined with the Thru wall structural insulated panel system offers the client a fully integrated façade solution offering the added confidence of effective single responsibility interface design detailing and construction.

Thru-Wall has invested in its own high-performance glazing systems that include but are not limited to ground floor treatment, low and high rise curtain walling, Integrated door and window systems with options for a wide range of opening types together with associated steel fire rated door, screen and curtain wall systems.

Thru-Glaze systems have been designed to perform in conjunction with the latest innovations in glazing technology incorporating a wide range of high emissivity, solar efficient, acoustically enhanced and fire rated insulated glass configuration's to meet individual specification requirements.

Thru-Wall provides both full design and technical support to ensure aesthetic and performance requirements are realised. Our in-house fabricators and installers offer a nationwide service with installation undertaken either traditionally on site or off-site to modular construction as appropriate, tailored to suit individual project requirements.