Thru-Wall Guaranteed SIPS System

    Closed Panel Timber Frame (CPTF)

    This new large format fully insulated structural timber panel, ideal for infill between floor slabs and columns, offers a lower cost, higher quality and speedier installation than traditional options

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  • Revolutionising how we
    think about construction

    Thru-Wall, a collaboration between leading building envelope specialist Lakesmere and Hemsec Installations, innovators in structural insulated panel technology, introduces an entirely new SIPS concept to the construction industry incorporating accepted industry standard external finishes.

  • Guaranteed

    Up to five times faster than traditional construction methods, Thru-Wall offers a fast-track, high performance, sustainable and cost-effective means of constructing the building envelope.

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  • Protecting today's environment for tomorrow's generation

    Thru-Wall is an innovative product that is as focused on the environment as it is on performance and is proud to have achieved a BRE 'A' Rating in the Green Guide Specification.

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Welcome to the revolution.

Thru-Wall, a collaboration between Lakesmere and Hemsec Installations, two of the most respected names in the construction industry, offers a unique, modular, fast-track, lightweight, sustainable and cost-effective means of constructing the building envelope up to five times faster than traditional construction methods.

Load bearing and pre-insulated, Thru-Wall is up to five times faster to install than traditional construction methods, combining the engineering and environmental benefits of off-site manufacture with enhanced performance including superior thermal and structural properties. Fenestration, glazing and external finishes can be factory or site installed, ideal for commercial projects where quality and speed of construction are paramount.


Unlike many SIPS panels, Thru-Wall load bearing wall and roof panels are approved to BS 476 Part 21, which is accepted by the NHBC.

BS 476 Part 21 enables an FR rating to be stated for 3 separate factors Insulation, Integrity and Load Bearing Performance can other SIPS manufacturers' meet this stringent test?


Our commitment to providing the most complete modular envelope solution for the UK market is further evidenced with the introduction of Thru-Glaze.

Thru-Glaze provides a choice of proprietary aluminium and hybrid glazing systems to meet the most demanding specifications for entrances, curtain walling, doors and windows, fully integrated into the Thru-Wall structural insulated panel system.