Thru-Wall Guaranteed SIPS System


Fire testing

Thru-Wall Hemsec Structural Insulated Panels have undergone the most extensive testing programme undertaken in the UK. Panels were tested under a load of 35KN to BS467: Part 21 1987: Clause 8. This simulated a load bearing structure and was faced internally with 2 no skins of plasterboard (1 no. 12.5mm Fireline board and 1 no. wallboard). In accordance with the above British Standard, the panels achieved an FR60 rating for integrity, insulation and structural but in fact an overall fire resistance of 75 minutes was achieved in the test. The Hemsec SIPS product has also successfully achieved LPS 1181 & LPS 1208, the ultimate test for products and their installation against fire and in compliance with the Loss Prevention Standards. LPS 1181, which is a test carried out for external facades, achieved a rating of FR90 for this build up. LPS 1208 has also been achieved and this relates to party walls. The product is listed in BRE LPCB Red Book, the internationally recognised standard.

  • Hot Face - Pre Test

  • Start of Test

  • 5 Minutes

  • 20 Minutes

  • 30 Minutes

  • 40 Minutes

  • 60 Minutes

  • 75 Minutes

  • Smoke Escape - 75 Minutes