Thru-Wall Guaranteed SIPS System



Sustainability is one of the most pressing issues affecting the UK construction industry and the use of sustainable materials and innovative methods of building are key elements in the drive to provide truly sustainable solutions for current and future generations.

  • All timber outer skins are manufactured from OSB. This is manufactured from FSC and PEFC certified forests
  • Timber is renewable and recyclable with young trees producing oxygen and removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than mature trees
  • Thru-Wall achieves a BRE A Rating in the Green Guide to Specification
  • Waste is minimised during pre-manufacture, manufacture and the construction process
  • Locally sourced materials reduce transportation to site, reducing energy usage and associated emissions
  • Materials contain a high level of identifiable recycled content
  • SIPS panels are low maintenance resulting in less frequent replacement
  • Thru-Wall emits no carcinogens, volatile organic compounds, irritants or reproductive toxicants
  • Key materials are recyclable
  • Core insulation is polyurethane foam, which is CFC and HCFC free and has ozone depletion potential of zero and global warming potential of less than 5.
  • SIPS used structurally remove the requirement for environmentally unfriendly concrete or steel structural elements
  • SIPS create an exceptionally airtight building envelope minimising heat loss and reducing overall energy usage and CO2 emissions
  • Site waste and associated landfill contributions are reduced