Thru-Wall Guaranteed SIPS System



Up to five times faster than traditional construction methods, Thru-Wall offers one of the most cost-effective solutions to constructing the building envelope with proven performance that you can rely on time and again.

  • Consultation at the earliest design stage will help ensure the design of a Thru-Wall solution that will improve performance and reduce build costs
  • Thru-Wall is up to five times faster to install than conventional construction methods
  • Rapid completion of the shell ensures that internal first fit and external works can run concurrently leading to significant reductions in build time
  • The quality of Thru-Wall construction helps reduce ongoing maintenance costs
  • The lightweight nature of Thru-Wall minimises the need for heavy plant and lifting machinery
  • Lightweight Thru-Wall panels can reduce groundwork requirements and foundation loads
  • The exceptional thermal performance of Thru-Wall SIPS provides significantly reduced running costs over the lifetime of the building