Thru-Wall Guaranteed SIPS System



  • Thru-Wall prefabricated wall and roof panels can be provided as infill panels or as load bearing structural elements, removing the requirement for structural steel or concrete
  • Large factory manufactured panels supplied to site as required reducing site storage requirements
  • Load bearing, pre-insulated panels are up to 5 times faster to install than conventional build
  • Factory manufacture offers a more predictable, less weather dependent programme than conventional build
  • A weather proof envelope is created, faster and more efficiently than conventional build
  • Reduced dependence on wet trades
  • Follow-on trades can commence sooner than with conventional construction
  • Large spans of panelised walling reduces on-site labour requirements
  • Significantly reduced on site wastage and associated landfill contributions, due to factory manufacture
  • Defects minimised as a result of precision, factory engineered construction
  • Lightweight construction (approximately 30kg per sq metre for the SIP element including any additional structural timbers) quicker and easier to install
  • Lightweight construction reduces groundwork requirements and foundation loads, contributing to cost efficiencies
  • Lightweight panels reduce the need for heavy plant and lifting machinery
  • Finishes can be site or factory applied reducing the critical path of the overall project duration
  • A wide choice of finishes is available from rainscreen cladding to conventional brick or render