Thru-Wall Guaranteed SIPS System



Thru-Wall has been tested to the most stringent standards for Racking, Vertical UDL, Uplift, Horizontal UDL, Eccentric Compressive Loads, Compressive Strength, Creep, Concentrated Load, Thermal Conductivity, Tensile, Sheer and Peel Strength.

The acoustic performance varies according to application and has been approved to BS EN ISO 140-3 and can provide an array of varying decibel reduction details.

The levels required are subject to individual requirements for project performance and a full assessment of the project by Thru-Wall is paramount.

Working closely with proprietary plasterboard manufacturers we are able to achieve the correct acoustic attenuation for any application. We can produce specific details for individual build applications and wall types to enable rapid progress.

Typical examples:

Internal Walls

OSB faced panel plus 12.5mm plasterboard and 12.5mm fireline board to each face panel will achieve a weighted sound reduction index of (SRI) 40dB (DnT, w+c;Ctr)

Party Walls

OSB faced panel plus one side with 12.5mm soundbloc and one face with 12.5mm plasterboard, will achieve a weighted sound reduction index of (SRI) 46dB (DnT, w+c;Ctr)

The above constructions also provide a one-hour fire rating.